Not So Lonesome Lake

Every trip needs a theme. This weekend's theme started out as a Christmas tree hunt and a friends-giving camp dinner. After the 10 adventuremobile mountain climb we arrived at Lonesome Lake near Mt. Rainier in Washington. Everyone helped push or pull a vehicle into a level spot for a peaceful night sleeping spot. We built a fire to gather around and share laughs and stories... oh and keep warm! We played on a frozen lake in the dark with sleds and flaming steel wool! The next morning we sought out perfect Christmas trees and said our goodbyes as we headed back down the mountain we called home just the night before. It was clear by the end of weekend that the lake was not so lonesome after all. It brought together friends and family and best of all - adventure! So what does Vanderlust do next? Make a video about the new theme! Enjoy!

Vanderlust Americas presents a short film filled with friends, vehicles, mountains, snow, dogs, and christmas trees at a not so lonesome lake! Lonesome Lake, Washington State.