Cascade Pass, Sahale Arm, and Diablo Lake, WA

Had an epic weekend adventuring around the Okanagon with our friends, Ernesto and Taisa of Overland The Americas, and our new friends, Richard and Ashley of Desk To Glory! Epic hike, sore legs, camping shenanigans, great convos, night-ops photo sessions, cooking, and talking overlanding - all made better by the caliber of the company.

Rocksonrocksonrocksonrocks. // "Life's a garden - dig it." - Wise words from Mr. Joe Dirt

United by our love for adventure, we laughed, talked about past trips, planned and dreamed of future ones, and soaked in the views during the 8 hour, 4000ft gain hike that is the Sahale Arm of Cascade Pass. Looking forward to more exploring together! 

Onward & Upward. // Hiking up the switchbacks of the last segment before reaching the top last weekend, I couldn't help but relate hiking to life. The switchbacks have you constantly changing directions, just like our busy schedules. Also, the going can get really tough, especially when you're running on empty. But, despite all that, if you stay focused on your goals and keep moving onward and upward, you can make it, you can persevere, and, boy is it worth it!! Also just like life, friends can be the difference between feeling like giving up, or making it to the top - choose them wisely! 

When looking out over the incredible sea of peak after peak after peak from the top of the Sahale Arm hike, I spotted this couple just soaking it all in from their front porch. I've never camped at a place like this, but it's on my bucket list. (I'm not sure Danielle would be too down though, gets pretty cold up there. But, I might be able to convince her by the view; I mean the views not THAT bad...

None of the Vanderlust Americas gang is in this picture, but that's okay, because more often than not, adventures are about the people you share it with. I had the pleasure of sharing this hike with some awesome people - Ernesto and Taisa of Overland the Americas, and Richard and Ashley of Desk to Glory. Their personalities and spirits are top notch. I'm sad Danielle couldn't have joined us as she wasn't feeling well, but we'll meet up again, I'm sure.

Boat launch at night. Diablo Lake, Colonial Creek Campground, WA

Second star to the right and straight on till morning. // One of our favorite things about adventuring is getting out far enough to see the stars. There is something deeply moving when you look up and see a canopy of lights thousands of light-years away.

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